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An individualized experience to deepen your Yoga practice

Either 1 on 1 or shared with a special group of people, this is wonderful way to explore yoga in a personalized format - in the location of your choice - based on your energy level, needs & intentions.



We'd love to hear from you any insights we can consider while designing your own personalized class


Yoga by the Sea


A practice which focuses on elemental yoga poses, safe alignment & range of movement for each individual. This yoga style helps to strengthen and promote flexibility within the body and mind. Emphasis is put on holding the posture with breath awareness and control. Participants may challenge their practice with stronger poses however encouraged to rest whenever desired. Breathing techniques and meditation are also integrated.


Yoga Pose


A dynamic, flowing style of yoga practiced at a faster pace to build heat & strength in the body. Vinyasa is characterized by stringing postures together, creating fluid and smooth movements in sync with the breath. This modern style of yoga invites participants to be playful and cultivate mental focus. Suitable for all levels, but some yoga experience is recommended.


Yoga at Home


A relaxing style of yoga that is characterized by long deep stretches. Poses include props such as blocks and are held for longer periods of time to encourage the muscles to relax; which allows the stretch to travel deeper into connective tissues. Yin yoga is nourishing for joints, ligaments, fascia and helps to release buried tension. An invitation to slow down, focus on the breath & create more space in body & mind.